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Hyperproof Community

The Hyperproof Community provides a series of resources to help you learn about and use Hyperproof. We have Best Practice Guides, articles with tips and tricks, video tutorials, and workshop recordings. Our community is a self-service portal designed to help you succeed.

To get started using the Community, request a login. See Requesting a community login.


Start discussions to ask questions about the product and get responses from other Hyperproof users, partners, or one of our moderators. Have meaningful discussions with other people in the Compliance industry. Mark the best answers to your questions so other users know what worked for you. Use discussions to discover how you can resolve compliance issues as well as showcase your own expertise. See Discussions.


The Ideas portal gives our customers a collective voice in making Hyperproof even better. The Ideas portal supports continuous feedback, tracks it, and makes it visible to everyone. Through the portal, you can request new features, comment on and discuss ideas with other users, share work processes, add to other users' ideas, and vote for your favorites. See Ideas.

Support cases

If you have an issue you can't resolve, you can easily submit a support case in the community. You can also view a list of support cases you and others in your company have submitted, add comments to specific cases, review Customer Support responses and emails, and upload files. See Support portal.