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Requesting a community login

Typically, when you begin using Hyperproof you are given a login to the community. However, if you are a new employee or if you were not involved in the initial implementation of Hyperproof, you may not have one. If you don't have a login to the Hyperproof community, it is easy to request one.

  1. Navigate to the Hyperproof community at

  2. Click the Request Access to the Community button.

  3. In the form that displays, enter your first and last name and your company email.

  4. Click Submit.

    You will receive a Welcome email with a link to the community and your new username.


    Your username will be in the form of and will not be your email address. This form is used to ensure that there are no duplicate usernames across Salesforce organizations.

  5. Click the link to the community to create your password and log in for the first time.