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Adding an idea

If you have a great idea for improving Hyperproof, we want to hear about it. Before you add a new idea, be sure to search for similar ideas to prevent duplicates.  If you find a similar idea, comment on it and vote for it. See Searching for ideas.

Note that if a duplicate is found, our moderators will merge the two ideas. See Merging ideas.

After your idea is submitted, someone in Product Management will review it. They may ask you for more information.  For each idea you submit, you receive 10 points. See Earning community reputation points.

To add an idea:

  1. Log in to the Hyperproof Community. If you don't have a login, see Requesting a community login.

  2. Select the Ideas link at the top of the Welcome page. The ideas list displays.

    The list is sorted with the most popular ideas displayed first.

  3. Use the Search field to search for ideas that are similar to yours. If you find one, click to open it, and add your comments and suggestions to that idea.  If you don’t, post your own idea.

  4. Click the Post an Idea button to enter information for a new idea. 

    The Post an Idea window displays.

  5. Enter a Title for your idea that briefly describes what you want. As you type, the system searches for existing ideas with similar text. If you see a similar idea, click the title to open it in a new window and review it. If it is the same as yours, don't submit yours. Add your comments to the existing idea and vote for it.

  6. Click the Category field to open the list and select one or more categories. Use the X next to the category name to remove a category.

  7. Enter a Description with the details about your idea. Include information about the feature, the location in Hyperproof, the change you want to see, and how it will help your work process. The more details you include the more context you provide to other Hyperproof users and to our Product Management team.

  8. Click Post to save your idea.

    A success message is generated and then your idea displays. You are automatically subscribed to the idea and the first vote is your vote.


    You can edit your idea until a comment or a vote is added. After that, the idea is locked. You can add comments to your idea at any time.