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Release Notes - 2023-APR-20


Hypersyncs and integrations

  • Updated Hypersync: GitHub. The Organization Members proof type now has a new configuration field, Filter people, which allows users to select Member, Owner, or Outside Collaborator. Users must select at least one and can select all three if they choose. Outside Collaborator can be added by editing the Hypersync.

Program frameworks

  • New framework version: Webtrust Principles & Criteria for CAs v2.2.2 (latest version)

  • New framework version: Webtrust: SSL Baseline with Network Security v2.7 (latest version)

Addressed issues

  • Fixed an issue in the GitHub Hypersync configuration where repository and branch lists sometimes didn’t populate.

  • Fixed an issue in the ADP WFN Hypersync where the connection generated an error immediately when created.

  • Fixed an issue with versioned Hypersync proof on control scope assignments. The Sync now status incorrectly generated new proof rather than a new version.

  • Fixed an issue in the Program dashboard where the Issues widget incorrectly showed zero issues.

  • Fixed an issue in the Audit dashboard where colors on the Requests by assignee widget did not match the same status on the Request status widget.

  • Fixed an issue with the audit request import where, in some cases, users received the error, “We were unable to process your spreadsheet”.

  • Fixed an issue with audit activities where some activities on individual requests were not aggregated into the overall audit Activity Feed. Also fixed a scrolling problem with the Activity Feed for individual requests.

  • Fixed an issue with tasks where the person who created the task did not gain permission to access the provided proof.

  • Fixed an issue in the risk grid where filtering on a custom user picker field would display a UUID as the filter pill, instead of the user’s name.

  • Fixed an issue in the questionnaire editor where users could not make more than a couple of questions required; after that, the toggle stopped working.

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when trying to archive a control linked to a risk that the archiving user doesn’t have access to.

  • Fixed an issue with password reset for users who are configured to sign in via Single sign-on (SSO)—not email/password. This is called out in the reset email and they are provided a link to their SSO sign-in page.

  • Made a change to Single sign-on (SSO )to display additional error information.

  • Fixed an issue with My Work where both active and archived issues were shown in the Issue card view.

  • Updated the authentication for Jira integration to be more tolerant of user URL variants.