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Release Notes - 2023-DEC-21



Added support for exporting evaluations to CSV and XLSX. This includes evaluation-specific information, but not fields pulled in from controls or requirements since those can be exported directly from the control and program pages, respectively. Review the feature request in the Ideas portal: Allow exporting evaluations from an assessment to CSV and XLSX. For additional information see, Exporting evaluations.


Scopes (formerly Teams)

  • Improved the Teams functionality and renamed it ‘Scopes’. This improvement supports the creation of custom fields on the scopes object, allowing controls to be broken down by hierarchies and pivoting on important dimensions. This feature is available to all organizations who purchased the Teams feature.

    Review the feature request in the Ideas portal: Scopes feature

  • Teams have been automatically updated to Scopes in all organizations that previously purchased the Teams feature.

  • Custom fields are not required for Scopes, but are recommended for more granularity on controls. For information on custom fields, please reach out to your CSM.

For more information on Scopes, see Working with scopes.

Controls API

API calls involving Teams have been deprecated with the change from Teams to Scopes.

  • Teams fields within our ControlAPI calls have been deprecated.

  • We are still providing support for these fields in the near term, but our recommendation is to switch to scopes at the earliest convenience. Further updates will be provided when the Teams fields sunset.

  • There is a breaking change for one field: controlType. One of the current possible inputs, teamAssignment, is no longer being supported. It's now scopeAssignment. Please make this change to your API calls immediately.

Access reviews (in MRO)

  • Added guidance banners that are visible to managers to help guide them through setup, launch, and completing the access review.

  • Added a new status column on the Review tab so users can quickly see the status of each row.

    • The initial status is Not started, which indicates that the reviewer needs to enter a response under Maintain Access.

    • The status is In progress if a ‘No’ response is entered by the reviewer. This means an update to the account is required.

    • The final status is Complete if a ‘Yes’ response is entered indicating that no further action is needed or when the sysadmin enters a response in the Access Updated column.

  • Improved the Setup tab. The date/time format on the Details tab is now consistent with the date/time in the Setup grid.

  • Success messages now appear when a directory or access list is created.

For additional information, see Access reviews.

Hypersyncs and integrations

Program frameworks

  • Updated framework: NYDFS, 2023 amendments is now available. Includes crosswalks and framework upgrade map, but not controls.

  • Updated framework: Australia ISM for IRAP and ASD, December 2023 version is now available. Includes framework update map, crosswalks, and controls.

  • Updated framework: TISAX VDA ISA 5 now includes illustrative controls.

Addressed issues

Hypersync and integration issues

  • Fixed a bug where there was an issue setting up the ADP integration. (Case # 00006151)

  • Fixed a bug where a Jira-saved task was not showing in the drop-down selection area. (Case # 00006788)

  • Fixed a bug where an error occurred in repeating tasks for work items. (Case # 00007547)

  • Fixed a bug where the Qualys VM proof showed incorrect results. (Case # 00007571)

  • Fixed a bug with the Google Cloud Platform Hypersync Bucket Retention Settings proof type. (Case # 00007630)

  • Fixed a bug where the KnowBe4 Hypersync timed out due to too many errors. (Case # 00007591, 00007645)

Other issues

  • Fixed the Access Reviews user interface where the checkbox in the header row of the directory/access list was too low.

  • Fixed the Access Reviews user interface where refreshing while on the Review tab sometimes redirected to the dashboard.

  • Fixed an issue with the Issues filter where results were displayed from two different modules. (Case # 00007485)

  • Fixed an issue where audit members could not ‘@mention’ auditors on requests.

  • Fixed an issue where request list filters weren’t updated until after a page refresh.

  • Fixed an issue where the copy in the proof export window on audits referred to the old Request ID instead of the new Request Reference.

  • Fixed an issue with Word exports for assessments where the requirement status wasn’t correctly pulled into the report.

  • Fixed an issue with importing controls linked to scopes.