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Release Notes - 2023-JUL-20


Proof Picker

  • Added support for using screenshots as proof.

  • The Proof Picker now includes a new option, Paste an image. This allows users to take a screenshot (Cmd-Shift-5 on Mac, Shift-S on Windows), copy it to the clipboard, and then paste it right into Hyperproof. Note that Chrome users need to allow this functionality when prompted. After clicking Allow, refresh the page.

Connection health

  • Users can now determine whether their integration connections are working correctly, and repair them if broken, by going to Settings → Connected accounts. Here you’ll see connections listed as Healthy or Unhealthy (or neither, if the connection health hasn’t been added to that app). The Healthy and Unhealthy labels are also displayed on Hypersync cards via the Automations tab.

  • This initial release applies to Hypersync connections only, and currently supports the following apps: AWS, Microsoft Entra (formerly Azure AD), Cloudflare, Crowdstrike, Datadog, GCP, GitHub, Jamf, Jira, JumpCloud, KnowBe4, Okta, Qualys, ServiceNow, Snowflake, Splunk, Tenable, Wiz, Zendesk. The remaining Hypersync apps will be supported in an upcoming release; other connection types (Proof Picker, tasks, etc) will be supported later this year.


Hypersyncs and integrations

  • SharePoint Proof Picker improvements are now available for managed rollout (MRO). This update adds support for “Dedicated Teams Sites”, including LiveSync. Additionally, Hyperproof now displays content to more closely match what customers see in SharePoint.

  • Updated the settings of the Microsoft Intune Hypersync proof type List of Devices to allow users to select between all devices or only active devices.

Program frameworks

  • New framework version: AICPA SOC 2 - 2017 Trust Services Criteria (With Revised Points of Focus – 2022). This update does not add any new requirements, and organizations are not required to update to this version to comply with the TSC. This version includes new and updated controlsNote: Framework update is NOT available for this version, since Hyperproof does not yet support variable baselines.

  • New framework: Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (C2M2) v2.1. The Cybersecurity Capability Maturity Model (C2M2) enables organizations to evaluate their cybersecurity capabilities and optimize security investments.

  • New framework version: FedRAMP rev 5. This version includes new requirements, controls, crosswalks, System Security Plan (SSP) data fields (parts, parameters, roles, etc), and FedRAMP guidance. This program uses the 800-53 rev. 5 control definitions with additional FedRAMP-specific content and functionality. Note: The framework upgrade is NOT available for this version, since Hyperproof does not yet support variable-baseline upgrades.

  • New framework version: SCF rev April 2023. Users with existing Secure Controls Framework (SCF) programs can use the framework upgrade feature to adopt the latest version.

  • New framework version: Microsoft SSPA DPR v8. Users with versions 6 and 7 can use the framework upgrade feature to adopt the latest version.

  • New framework version: NIST 800-171r2. This update includes additional details on requirements and illustrative controls. Users can use the framework upgrade feature to adopt these improvements.


  • Added two new statuses to the list of available vendor statuses: Inactive and Rejected.

Addressed issues

  • Fixed an issue with Confluence Data Center LiveSync.

  • Fixed an issue with the Splunk List of Alerts proof, which displayed incorrect status values.

  • Fixed an issue with the ADP Workforce Now Hypersync which was no longer working.

  • Fixed an issue that occurred when using automated control testing to test the ID property of the Jamf List of Computers proof type.

  • Fixed an issue where the filter panel for audit requests sometimes jumbled text entered by the user.

  • Fixed an issue with exporting audit proof where files with Unicode characters were not exported.

  • Fixed an issue with assessments where clicking an evaluation count in the assessment dashboard caused an unexpected error instead of displaying the filtered list of evaluations.

  • Fixed a sorting problem in the proof grids; proof names can be edited, but the sort wasn’t taking this into account.