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Release Notes - 2023-FEB-16


Tasks, issues, and my work

  • Added support for exporting issues to Excel. Like other Excel outputs, this option outputs a grid that matches the one in Hyperproof—the same filtered set of issues, the same columns, column order, etc. This formatted filtered view is an approximation of the Plan of Actions and Milestones (POA&M) reports that need to be generated for federal programs like FedRAMP and NIST 800-53.

  • Tasks and work items—i.e. tasks, issues, evaluations—now have an improved Due date filter. Users can select options such as Past due and Due in the next week. This filter can be found in task and work item grids, such as My Work.

  • Issue counts are now displayed in grids throughout Hyperproof alongside other counts, such as programs and controls. Click the number to view a list of items, and then select an item to navigate to it.

Hypersyncs and integrations

  • The Hypersync SDK is now available! The SDK has documentation including instructions for getting started. Documented samples and templates are also available to speed up your development. We also have a Community forum topic exclusively for the Hypersync SDK where you can post questions and provide feedback.

  • New Hypersync: GitLab Self-Managed. Users can collect proof based on the following proof types:

    • Commits - Message, Author, Authored Date, Committer, Committed Date, ID

    • Members - Account, Email, Access Granted, Access Expires, Max Role

    • Merge Requests - Title, Merged At, Requested By, Approved By, Merged By

  • Updated Hypersync: GitHub. Added support for a new proof type: Issue Details. This proof type creates new proof for each matching issue.

  • Updated Hypersync: KnowBe4. The Training Activity proof type now supports a new column, Days until Completed, which allows this proof to be used in automated testing.

  • Updated Hypersync: Qualys. Added support for a new proof type: VM Remediation Tickets.

  • The Confluence integration now supports LiveSync for on-premises Confluence deployments.

  • Improved the Jira task integration with better error display for the case where the user transitions the issue in Hyperproof, but is unable to transition it in Jira.

Program frameworks

  • New framework: ITAR Compliance Program. This framework contains information on the elements of an effective ITAR Compliance Program (ICP) and how to design and implement an ICP for organizations that manufacture, export, broker, or temporarily import defense articles and defense services described on the United States Munitions List (USML).

  • Updated framework: SCF. Updated Secure Controls Framework (SCF) to the latest version - December 2022.3.  This update also includes a framework upgrade mapping, so users with older SCF programs will see a framework upgrade prompt and can easily upgrade to the latest version.

Addressed issues

  • Made several ongoing improvements when it comes to slowdowns and errors.

  • Fixed an issue with the user invitation email template that affected InComm users using Outlook.

  • Fixed an issue where issues were not transferred when a deactivated user’s work was reassigned.

  • Fixed an issue in the GitHub Hypersync where users were hitting an error when configuring a Hypersync.

  • Fixed an issue in the KnowBe4 Hypersync around the Microsoft Excel proof.

  • Fixed an issue in the Qualys Hypersync.

  • Fixed an issue in the Jira Hypersync where users were hitting a timeout for large amounts of data. The timeout has been doubled.