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Release Notes - 2023-JUN-29


Audit requests as work items - Managed rollout (MRO)

  • Audit requests are on their way to becoming full-fledged work items in Hyperproof! This means they’ll have the same functionality as other work items such as issues and evaluations.


    Due to their new functionality, there is a breaking change with import CSVs. More information is below.

  • Requests now have facepiles. The facepile shows who has access to the request and what level of access they have. With this update, you can now add explicit membership to requests directly like you can with other objects in Hyperproof, such as issues, for example.

    • In a future Hyperproof update, requests will be viewable in the top-level Work items area, thereby avoiding the need to drill down to the request through the parent audit.

    • For the time being, if you add a user to the request as a direct member, you also need to make sure they are added to the audit since the only pathway in the application to the request is through the audit (until requests are available in the top level Work items area).

  • Requests can now be made private.

  • Fields on requests have been updated to be consistent with other work items.


    To accommodate these changes, any existing CSV files need to be updated with the new field names. For more information, see Requests as work items.

  • Any objects, such as a control, linked to a request can now be easily viewed in the Linked Objects list.

  • Known limitation: the export to XLSX is missing the ID column in the output XLSX file.


Hypersyncs and integrations

  • New Hypersync: F5 AIP (formerly ThreatStack). Users can collect the following proof types: List of Users and List of Rules.

Program frameworks

  • New framework: The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) v2.2. This program combines Title I and Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) v2.2. Title I of the ADA prohibits employment discrimination against qualified individuals with disabilities (EEOC). Title III of the ADA prohibits discrimination based on disability in places of public accommodation. WCAG documents explain how to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities.

Addressed issues

  • Evaluations now have bulk actions in Work items. When one or more evaluations are selected within Work items, there are now options to archive as well as edit status, assignee, and due date in bulk.

  • Public API users can now retrieve user roles, in addition to the user list.

  • Fixed an issue with Tenable Hypersync proof formatting that made the data appear inconsistent with source data.

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in some large Tenable Hypersyncs timing out.

  • Fixed an issue with the Google Workspace Platform Hypersync for custom groups that resulted in truncated proof names.

  • Fixed an issue where Jira attachments were not being synced to the task when the Jira user had been deleted.

  • Fixed an error with the Google Cloud Platform Hypersync that occurred when there were many projects in a folder.

  • Fixed two errors with the AWS Hypersync that resulted in the sync timing out for certain AWS regions.

  • Fixed an issue where the filter in the Requests grid would be cleared when the field that the grid was filtered on was edited in the request.

  • Fixed an issue where the select and copy options from the Activity Feed were not working.

  • Fixed an issue with PDF proof previews where the preview occasionally would not fully display words or images.

  • Fixed an issue with the password reset link to make it more reliable.

  • Fixed an issue with task reminder emails sent to contacts that contained a link to Hyperproof rather than the task itself.

  • Fixed an issue where control export did not include the values for scope control custom fields.

  • Fixed an issue where, in certain cases, new proof uploaded to a request would not show until the page was refreshed.

  • Fixed an issue where scope Controls linked to requests were not included in the export of an audit.

  • Fixed an issue where archived requests were appearing in Work items, and an issue where archived control counts were included in the Overview dashboard.

  • Fixed an issue where the count associated with the task filter could be inconsistent between grid and card views, and where the Show closed tasks view and the filter for tasks that had been closed could show different numbers.

  • Fixed an issue where renamed proof on a task linked to a control assessment would still show the original name.