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Release Notes - 2023-NOV-09


Access reviews

The first phase of Hyperproof’s Access Review module is here!

This is a paid feature currently in managed rollout (MRO) for early adopters. Participating customers will be offered a discounted price for a minimum of 24 months in exchange for providing feedback that will help guide the priority and design of future capabilities. Interested customers should contact their CSM to schedule a demo and learn about the terms and conditions.

A high-level overview of current capabilities includes:

  • Manual CSV import of company directory and user access lists (Hypersync coming later)

  • Cross-referencing access lists with a company directory to present more information in the access review

  • Assigning a default reviewer and sysadmin, per application. Manual reassignment of reviewer and sysadmin.

  • Reviewer and sysadmin must log in to Hyperproof to enter their responses

  • A dashboard with the status of the access review, each application, and each person

  • Evidence/proof generated as XLS files (PDF coming later)

Work items and notifications will be added at a later date.

Differentiated user-role experience

  • Hyperproof users with the ‘User’ role are now taken directly to the Work items tab when they log in. The Overview tab has been removed and is now only available for Administrators and Compliance managers.


Hypersyncs and integrations

  • Two new Hypersyncs: Paycor and Wave (via Finch). Users can collect the following proof types: List of Users and List of Change in Employee Status.

  • Updated Hypersync: AWS. Added four new proof types: Asset Inventory, S3 Bucket Lifecycle Configuration, S3 Bucket Object Lock, and S3 Bucket Access Control List.

  • Updated Hypersync: Google Cloud Platform. Added one newproof type: Compute Engine - Persistent Disk Encryption.

  • Updated Hypersync: Google Workspace Platform. Added one new proof type: Cloud Identity - List of Inbound SAML SSO Profiles.

  • Updated file service integration: SharePoint. Added support for Dedicated Teams Sites, including LiveSync. Also reorganized how Hyperproof displays SharePoint content to more closely match what customers see in SharePoint.

Program frameworks

  • Updated framework: Cisco CCF v2. Controls and crosswalks included.

Addressed issues

Hypersync and integration issues

  • Fixed an issue that caused large data set failures due to a timeout in Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD).

  • Fixed an issue where an error occurred in email notifications for repeating tasks in the Jira integration.

  • Fixed an issue where there was an error retrieving JSON for the Tenable List of Assets proof type.

  • Fixed an issue where complex status transitions in Jira did not allow submission.

  • Fixed an issue that caused an error creating Jira-integrated tasks.

  • Fixed an issue where the Datadog List of Host proof type was experiencing timeout errors.

  • Fixed an issue where an execution error occurred in the GitHub Member Repository proof type.

  • Fixed an issue that caused a Single Sign-on (SSO) authentication error.

  • Fixed an issue that caused an SDK build error when uploading a custom app.

  • Fixed an issue that caused unclear error messaging regarding organization members and ownership for outside collaborators.

  • Fixed an issue where due dates were not syncing in Asana.

  • Fixed an issue where a Jira Server connection was lost in integrated tasks.

Other issues

  • Fixed a hang when exceeding the maximum number of allowed values for a custom field of a single select field type.

  • Fixed an issue where a contact accessed a notification email link to a closed task that resulted in a login prompt.

  • Fixed a user interface issue in audit requests where the status menu was positioned incorrectly when it was open.

  • Fixed an issue where email notifications were not being generated when they should.

  • Fixed an issue where several bulk actions were non-functional for tasks in Work items.

  • Fixed an issue with automated control testing that yielded incorrect results when the If Empty parameter was used.