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Release Notes - 2023-NOV-30


Access reviews (Managed rollout)

This is a paid feature currently in managed rollout (MRO) for early adopters. Participating customers will be offered a discounted price for a minimum of 24 months in exchange for providing feedback that will help guide the priority and design of future capabilities. Interested customers should contact their CSM to schedule a demo and learn about the terms and conditions.

  • Fixed an issue when deleting a directory or application source, the source was still visible after a refresh.

  • Fixed an issue when importing a CSV with duplicates into a Directory of people that resulted in the user being stuck on the import window with no error reported.

  • Fixed permission issues so that a “contributor” on the facepile can now access the Setup tab.

  • Fixed permission issues so that an organization administrator who is not a member of the Access review facepile can no longer access the Setup tab.


  • The top-level Audits page now has a grid view that includes an in-line edit option and a filtering capability.

User interface design refresh

  • Icons and logos in the application experiences have been updated to match the recently released marketing branding update.

  • You’ll notice the new look of the icon + text in the sign-in pages, about box, email messages, etc.

  • The “loading” spinner has been updated with a new visual.

Hypersyncs and integrations

  • Updated HypersyncAWS was updated with 1 new proof. (Case # 00006845)

    • List SAML Providers

  • Updated HypersyncOkta was updated with 2 new proof types. (Case # 00004741, 00004913, 00006903)

    • List of Admins

    • List of Users with MFA

  • Updated HypersyncGitHub updated with 1 new proof. (Case # 00005939)

    • List of Team Members

  • Updated HypersyncGoogle Workspace Platform was updated with 2 new proof types. (Case # 00005608)

    • List of Users - MFA Verification

    • List of SAML Providers

Program frameworks

  • New: Spanish National Security Scheme (ENS) 2022 is now available. Controls and crosswalks are included.

  • New: EU - US Digital Privacy Framework (DPF), previously known as Privacy Shield, is now available. Crosswalks are included, but not controls.

  • New: Saudi Arabia Essential Cybersecurity Controls (ECC) 2018 is now available. Includes controls and crosswalks.

  • Updated: FedRAMP LI-SaaS Rev. 5 is now available. Includes controls and crosswalks, but does not include an upgrade map from Rev 4, and also does not yet include an SSP report.

Addressed issues

Hypersync and integration issues

  • Fixed a bug where an error message was received on the policy details for the Jamf Hypersync. (Case # 00007476)

  • Fixed a bug where Automated Control Testing was passing an error message when running tests. (Case # 00007490)

  • Fixed a bug where there were errors loading task activities on Jira. (Case # 00007551)

  • Fixed a bug where the KnowBe4 Hypersync was pulling archived users. (Case # 00007557, 00007553)

  • Fixed a bug where the Salesforce Hypersync was unhealthy due to a token error. (Case # 00007563)

  • Fixed a bug where there was a JSON error on the Crowdstrike Hypersync. (Case # 00007542)

  • Fixed a bug where there was a Salesforce OAuth issue. (Case # 00007584)

  • Fixed a bug where there was an error in accepting an invitation and creating an account. (Case # 00007577)

Other issues

  • Fixed an issue in the Overview dashboard where the “By members” filter was incorrectly displaying results from inherited permissions when it should have been limited to direct membership. (Case # 00007468)

  • Fixed an issue where updating a request assignee through import didn’t add them to the request’s facepile. (Case # 00007573)

  • Fixed an issue where audit dashboards weren’t showing the correct number of requests with linked controls. (Case # 00007430)

  • Fixed an issue where exporting proof from an audit and selecting prepend with request ID wasn’t prepending all filenames properly. (Case # 00007344)