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Release Notes - 2023-OCT-19

Ideas portal

We are hard at work adding an Ideas feature in the Hyperproof Community to give you a voice in making Hyperproof even better. The Ideas portal will support continuous feedback, track it, and make it visible to everyone. Through the portal, you can request new features, comment on and discuss ideas with other users, share work processes, add to other users' ideas, and vote for your favorites.  When you participate in the Ideas portal you can:

  • Check for similar ideas to your own

  • Create a new idea

  • Add a comment to an idea

  • Add or remove a vote for an idea

  • Subscribe to an idea and receive notifications about it

  • Earn community reputation points

Note that we will review all of the existing feature requests submitted to Customer Support as tickets and gradually move them to the Ideas portal or close them if they have been addressed.

Watch for a launch announcement in the Hyperproof Community and in the release notes!


Tasks and Work items

  • Now available for all users! A new Requests tab within Work items. This allows users to view all of their audit requests in one place.

  • Users no longer have to be added to an audit to receive and act on requests. Now, when adding a user to a request, they’ll only be added to the request—not the entire audit.

  • Notifications and Home tab links now navigate to the Requests tab in Work items (instead of the audit, since users may not have access to the audit).

  • Users can filter requests across all audits and prioritize their work based on fields like due date, priority, and custom fields.


  • Editable proof facepiles: We now allow you to directly add managers and contributors to a piece of proof. This allows users who don’t have inherited access to the proof to view and/or manage it.


  • The last login date field can now be found in the People page under Settings. This field indicates the date of the last login attempt.

    Note that the login date displays only for those users who have logged in since this feature was enabled. Other users last login date field will remain blank until they attempt to log into Hyperproof.


Hypersyncs and integrations

  • Updated Hypersync: Google Cloud Platform now has two new proof types:

    • Google Cloud Platform - List of VPC Networks

    • Google Cloud Storage - Bucket Retention Lock Settings

Program frameworks

  • New framework: DORA is now available.  The Digital Operational Resilience Act (DORA) is a European Union (EU) regulation that creates a binding, comprehensive information and communication technology (ICT) risk management framework for the EU financial sector.

Addressed issues

Hypersync and integration issues

  • Fixed an issue where the Tenable Hypersync vulnerability fields were not syncing.

  • Fixed an issue where Google Workspace Platform User Account Status was not offering the correct option for testing.

  • Fixed an issue where there was a disruption in the HiBob Hypersync connection.

  • Fixed an issue where repeating tasks were failing on Asana.

  • Fixed an issue where the Jira Cloud connection failed upstream.

  • Fixed an issue where AWS tagging was not working for stack management.

  • Fixed an issue with an Asana Task Integration 404 error.

  • Fixed an issue with a 400 error on Asana Task Integration.

  • Fixed an issue on Jira Task Management where issue evidence was not syncing.

  • Fixed an issue where there was an error following Single sign-on (SSO) changes.

  • Fixed an issue where closed tasks in the Asana Task Integration did not sync to Hyperproof.

  • Fixed an issue on Jira Task Management where a Not Found error occurred.

  • Fixed an issue for a Jira permissions/configuration error.

  • Fixed an issue where the Jira Hypersync linked proof in the wrong format.

  • Fixed an issue where an LDIF file came to Jira as a BIN file.

  • Fixed an issue for Google Drive where there was an error fetching metadata.

  • Provided error messages for  Asana Task Management where changes for closed tasks did not sync.

Other issues

  • Fixed an issue where, in some cases, all proof was not showing up in production.

  • Fixed an issue with tasks not being able to be filtered by the assignee.

  • Fixed an issue where it appeared that a contributor could edit the control owner on a control by disabling that action.

  • Fixed a refresh issue that prevented Hyperproof issues from displaying correctly when a user made a change to the source of an issue.

  • Fixed a problem with proof in activity feed entries being accessible to users who otherwise can’t view that proof.

  • Fixed several export-related issues, including a performance issue that limited the number of pieces of proof that could be exported from the all-proof page.

  • Fixed an issue where some users couldn't download proof from a program.

  • Fixed an issue where a user was unable to unlink proof from a control.

  • Fixed an issue with requests linked to team assignments not showing up on the Requests tab in the control Details.