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Release Notes - 2023-SEP-21


Hyperproof API


  • Assessments can now be exported in the Microsoft DOCX format from the (...) Overflow menu in an assessment.

  • When creating new evaluations in control assessments, you can now filter by scope if you have any scope controls.

Tasks and work items

  • Continues in Managed Rollout (MRO): A new Requests tab within Work items. This allows users to view all of their audit requests in one place.

  • Users no longer have to be added to an audit to receive and act on requests. Now, when adding a user to a request, they’ll only be added to the request—not the entire audit.

  • Notifications and Home tab links now navigate to the Requests tab in Work items (instead of the audit, since users may not have access to the audit).


Hypersyncs and integrations

  • Updated Hypersync: Azure  was updated with 1 new proof type:

    • Log collection - PostgreSQL

  • Updated Hypersync: Jamf was updated with 4 new proof types:

    • Jamf - All Computer Groups and Computer Groups by ID

    • Jamf - OSX Configuration Policies

    • Jamf - Restricted Software

    • Jamf - Configuration Profiles

  • Updated Hypersync: Google Cloud Platform was updated with 2 new proof types:

    • Google Cloud Platform - Bucket Lifecycle Rules

    • Google Cloud Platform - VPC List of Subnets

  • Updated Hypersync: Snowflake was updated with 2 new proof types:

    • Snowflake - Back-Up Configuration Data

    • Snowflake - Back-Up Retention Policy

Addressed issues

  • Fixes for comments to external auditors not working properly.

  • Fixed an issue where some Document Request List (DRL) imports incorrectly tried to link requests to archived controls with the same ID as an active control.

  • Mentioning a user in an evaluation now adds that user to that evaluation as a contributor, as it does when commenting on controls or issues.

  • Fixed an issue where attempting to send @mention messages in the Comments field of the Activity Feed generated an error.

  • Fixed an issue where "Unknown" appears in the Explore by filter in the Overview dashboard.

  • Fixed an issue where the Repeating Tasks grid view was not showing the correct count of tasks.

  • Fixed an issue where archived objects (e.g. issues) were still sending notifications.

  • Fixed a bug where an unexpected error was present for repeating tasks in the Jira integration.

  • Fixed a bug where proof gathered by a Hypersync could not be deleted after the Hypersync was deleted.

  • Fixed a bug linking Jira tickets to a Hyperproof task.

  • Fixed a bug where the Google Cloud Platform Compute Engine was scaled to optimize for additional processing volume.

  • Fixed a bug for Asana regarding the creation of events for repeating tasks.

  • Fixed a bug where secrets needed to be rotated for SharePoint.

  • Fixed a bug regarding JSON retrieval errors.