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Release notes - 2024-JAN-11


Change task targets

We have added the option to change targets for tasks and repeating tasks.  This feature was requested through the Ideas portal and was selected for implementation with 6 votes!

See the Idea Change target of a repeating task in the Ideas portal.

For additional details, see Changing targets for tasks.

Self-service reporting - Managed Rollout

We are releasing a Snowflake data warehouse enabling you to use third-party reporting tools. You can use your preferred tools, such as Looker, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, and many more, to build reports and dashboards.


Access Reviews - Managed Rollout

There are now additional banners with process buttons designed to help you move from one stage of an access review to another.  For example, when you have completed the setup process, there is now a Launch review button on the Setup and Review tabs.

Addressed issues

  • Fixed an issue where the Okta List of Users proof was returning blank values for status (Case # 00007489)

  • Fixed an issue where there was an error opening repeating tasks on Jira (Case # 00007746)

  • Fixed an issue where Jira integrated tasks were not firing or running on a defined automated schedule (Case # 00007760, 00007759, 00007762, 00007751, 00007758, 00007761)