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Release notes - 2024-FEB-01


System use notification

Configure a notification to display at every log-in or after a specified number of days. Users must acknowledge the notification to access Hyperproof.

See Settings overview.


Requirement assessments now display the full requirement text as a default field that can’t be removed.

Hypersyncs and integrations

  • ServiceNow Task integration: You can now create tasks and repeating tasks in ServiceNow from Hyperproof. This feature is in managed rollout (MRO). See the idea ServiceNow task integration in the Ideas portal.

  • Updated Hypersync: JumpCloud. Added one new proof type: List of Activity Logs. See the idea New Proof: Jumpcloud: List of Activity Logs in the Ideas portal.

Addressed issues

  • Fixed an issue where users were not able to view all of their directories with the SharePoint LiveSync. (Case # 00007643)

  • Fixed an issue where the name of the commenter in the Asana activity feed was producing unexpected results. (Case # 00007505)

  • Fixed an issue where LiveSyncs could not be turned on for some proof files with a SharePoint source. (Case # 00007594)

  • Fixed an issue where the user was unable to gather proof from the Jira Server task integration. (Case # 00007622)

  • Fixed an issue where private channel files and folders were no longer visible for proof selection in the SharePoint LiveSync. (Case # 00007818)

  • Fixed an issue where users were encountering a rate limit error in the GitHub Hypersync. (Case # 00007718)

  • Fixed an issue where the Paylocity Hypersync was not syncing the Title field. (Case # 00007734)

  • Fixed an issue where the Jira task integration was slow to respond. (Case # 00007773)

  • Fixed an issue where there was an error in user mapping for the Jira task integration. (Case # 00007791)

  • Fixed an issue where there was an error setting up Single Sign-on (SSO) for Microsoft Entra ID (Azure AD). (Case # 00007700)

  • Fixed an issue where custom field values on tasks didn’t carry over to repeating tasks when the task was edited to convert it to a repeating task. (Case # 00007748)

  • Fixed an error preventing a custom field from being deleted due to being referenced by a health rule.  (Case # 00007889, 00007866, 00007804)

Other issues

  • Fixed an issue where users who were not members of a control or label could view potentially sensitive information from the grid view or the Overview dashboards. New behaviors:

    • Users (Admins, Compliance Managers, Users) who are not members see only basic details such as ID, Name, and Description from the grid views. In addition, the Overview dashboard only displays aggregated data for the controls and labels where the user is a member.


      Users with the Administrator role do not automatically inherit access to all objects. There is an idea in the community for improving this - please vote, if this idea would be valuable to your usage scenarios! To place your votes see: Ability for owner to oversee all issues.  

    • Public API calls to control and label endpoints now only return basic details, such as ID, Name, and Description, for controls and labels when the caller is not a member of those objects.


      If it is necessary to retrieve all data fields across all records, there is a new API Admin role on the Service Account API client configuration.  For more details on the data that is and is not visible, see Adding users to objects, features, and modules.