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Release Notes - 2024-JUN-06


People page

  • The People page now has an Activity Feed that displays activity when there are changes to user accounts including: sending, accepting, or canceling an invitation, deactivating or reactivating a user, and changing a user's role. See Managing users for more information.


  • Added an option to bulk update privacy settings on proof in grid views displaying lists of proof. You can set selected proof to private or remove the privacy setting and allow proof to use the default, inherited access.

  • Added date range filter for proof based on the Uploaded on field. You can choose to filter proof as follows:

    • By a specific date

    • Between two dates (inclusive of the selected start and end date)

    • Before or on a specific date

    • After or on a specific date

Access reviews - Managed rollout

Self-service reporting - Managed rollout

  • Program health and the task template table (for repeating tasks) are now available in the data warehouse.



Email enhancements

Risk Register

  • The last Risk Register can now be archived. (Case # 00008398)

Hypersyncs and integrations

  • Updated Hypersync Azure Kubernetes. If you have an existing Azure Kubernetes connection, due to the Hypersync updates required to collect information for access reviews, you will need to reauthenticate after the release.

Program frameworks

  • New frameworks:

    • NIST 800-171 rev. 3 is now available as a framework. NIST 800-171 rev. 2 (previous version) remains the standard required by the DoD (and other agencies) and remains the primary framework for use in CMMC. As such, Hyperproof does not plan to release the "update map" for 171 rev 2 -> rev 3. Contact us if this is something that you would like to leverage. The requirements of this program include the Security Requirements AND the list of Assessment Objectives ("AO") from NIST 800-171A rev. 3. The program includes illustrative controls, which are the "Assessment Objectives" from NIST 800-171A. The program is crosswalked using the SCF crosswalk dataset and jumpstart can be used to map controls to and from this program. The program also includes fields in the "requirement details" for tracking compliance with AOs and for completing the newly required Organizationally defined parameters (ODPs). SSP DOCX template can be added upon request.

    • See the Program content update for NIST 800-171 for revision 3 idea in the Ideas portal.

  • Updates to existing frameworks:

    • ISO 27018:2019 now includes illustrative controls as restatements of the requirements an updated crosswalk map. See the 27018 controls idea in the Ideas portal.

    • NYDFS (2023 Amendments) has now been updated to include controls from the Secure Controls Framework (SCF) and now has an updated crosswalk map.

Addressed issues

  • Fixed an issue with the Hypersync for GitLab where after selecting a project and attempting to move to the next filter field, the project information was removed. (Case # 00008232)

  • Fixed an issue with the task integration for Jira where tasks wouldn't sync automatically and the user had to click the Sync now button to force a sync. (Case # 00008542)

  • Fixed an issue where users continued to receive notifications for their organization after enabling the Mute all option on the Notifications page. (Case # 00008431)

  • Fixed an issue with the Hypersyncs for Azure that was causing a timeout by increasing the time before a timeout and increasing the processing speed. (Case # 00008446)

  • Fixed an issue with the integration for Jira where tasks created in Hyperproof failed to be created in Jira. (Case # 00008344, 00008526, 00008536, 00008377)

  • Fixed an issue with the Hypersync for GitLab where the filters for projects/groups were limited to a quantity of 50. A search-as-you-type feature has been implemented to filter the list as you type the project/group name. (Case # 00008232)

  • Fixed an issue where you couldn't remove the Closed on date from issues. (Case # 00008483)

  • Fixed an issue with custom fields that were enabled for requirements and any other Hyperproof object where filtering by the custom fields returned no results. (Case # 00008465)

  • Fixed an issue where the download link in a Vendor export email went to the Hyperproof user interface and didn't download the export file. (Case # 00008439)

  • Fixed an issue where the audit request import window didn't display the error that prevented the import process from completing. (Case # 00008417)

  • Fixed an issue with the file size calculation used to determine the size of the zip file when exporting proof. The calculation now takes into consideration that when exporting proof based on controls or labels where proof can be reused, the same proof might be included in the zip file multiple times. (Case # 00008341)

  • Fixed an issue with the Hypersync for Okta List of Users proof type where users who were decommissioned or staged were not included in the report. The configuration for the List of Users proof type has been modified to include those users by default and allow you to filter them out if necessary. (Case #  00008268)

  • Fixed an issue where archived audit requests were displayed in the linked objects page on proof.  (Case # 00008366)

  • Fixed an issue where a new program logo couldn't be uploaded and generated an error similar to the following: Failed to process the provided image. (Case # 00008537, 00008543, 00008572)

  • Fixed an issue with automated testing on the Hypersync for Bob where the test failed when it should have passed. (Case # 00008350)