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Release Notes - 2024-JUL-08


Hyperproof EU instance is in managed rollout (MRO)

Additional programs will be added as needed.

Self-service reporting is GA

  • The Snowflake data warehouse enabling you to use best-in-class 3rd party reporting tools is now generally available to all Hyperproof customers. See Self-service reporting.

  • You can use your preferred tool (Looker, Tableau, Microsoft PowerBI, etc.) to connect to the data warehouse and build reports and dashboards or you can build simple reports and dashboards using Snowflake's BI app/data explorer at

  • The data warehouse is synchronized twice daily (at 1200 and 2000 UTC) to ensure up-to-date reporting over a full data model of the Hyperproof business objects.

  • To get started, go to Settings → Self-service reporting and create service account credentials to connect to the Snowflake data warehouse for your organization.

Bulk delete proof

  • A new bulk delete option is available on the Proof page. You can use the Filter pane to filter by date range to find, select, and delete proof in bulk.

  • See the Filter and bulk delete proof idea in the ideas portal.

  • See Deleting proof for more information.


Filter pane

  • System-provided date fields can be filtered from the Filter pane using a date range filter. Examples:

    • Tasks: Closed on

    • Issues: Discovered on and Closed on

    • Vendor: Contract start and Contract end

  • Choose to filter for a specific date, between two dates (inclusive), before or on a specific date, or after or on a specific date.

Access reviews - Managed roll out

  • Added email notifications and reminders based on new Application reviews due and System updates due dates. See Access reviews email notifications and reminders.

    • When an access review is created, due dates are required for Application reviews and System updates.

    • When the access review is launched, moving it from Setup to In progress, Hyperproof generates a notification to all reviewers.

    • Notifications are sent to reviewers with outstanding reviews 7, 3, and 1 days before the Application reviews due date and every day after.

    • The day after the Application reviews due date, a notification is sent to all sysadmins.

    • Notifications are sent to sysadmins with outstanding system updates 7, 3, and 1 days before the System updates due date and every day after.

  • Added imports for one new application using the following Hypersync: Crowdstrike.

API updates

  • A new property, isPrivate, is available in the public Proof API.

Help Center

  • Added a new Best Practice guide with an in-depth explanation of how to leverage features in Hyperproof to streamline proof collection. See Collecting proof best practices.

Hypersyncs and integrations

Program frameworks

  • PCI DSS 4.0 now includes a new version with more granular illustrative controls. These illustrative controls are the "test procedures" listed in the PCI DSS ROC report.

  • Microsoft SSPA DRP version 9.1 is now available. Organizations with previous versions can now update to this version using the Framework Update feature.

Addressed issues

  • Fixed an issue where some Contact users could not submit proof due and Hyperproof generated this error: Error: <username> is no longer a member of any organization. (Case # 00008624, 00008669)

  • Fixed an issue where a user could not edit control parameter values on some FedRAMP controls. (Case # 00008585)

  • Fixed an issue when setting up a Snowflake account where the password was not masked. (Case # 00008580)

  • Fixed an issue with program health displaying as Critical after all requirements were completed and all controls were healthy. (Case # 00008444)

  • Fixed an issue where a repeating task template associated with an archived control remained active. (Case # 00008505)

  • Fixed timeout issues with the Jamf All Computer Groups and Computer Groups by ID proof type. (Case # 00008475)

  • Fixed an issue where some users could not bulk-assign tasks. (Case # 00008413)

  • Fixed an issue importing risk records where no error was displayed for duplicate IDs and the import process would not complete. (Case # 00008463)

  • Fixed an issue with the Hypersync for AWS where large numbers of records were causing the Asset Inventory proof request to time out. To address this issue, we added an optional filter to exclude terminated or stopped instances of AWS. (Case # 00008429)

  • Fixed an issue where some users couldn't link multiple controls to a single requirement. (Case # 00008479)

  • Fixed an issue exporting risks to an XLSX format when filters were applied. (Case # 00008571)

  • Fixed an issue where PDF files uploaded from Confluence couldn't be opened in the Proof viewer and were blank when exported from Hyperproof. The issue was caused by a security policy implemented in Confluence that prevented data from being exported. Now the upload fails immediately with a failure warning instead of creating blank proof. (Case # 00008583)

  • Fixed an issue where Contacts who clicked a link on a task assignment email got an error indicating they were not members of any organization. (Case # 00008624)