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Cumulative release notes for 2024

This is a condensed version of Hyperproof’s 2024 Release Notes focusing solely on additions and improvements. Hyperproof operates on a three-week sprint schedule. For other release notes see:


Full release notes: Release Notes - 2024-JUL-08

  • Hyperproof EU instance is now in managed rollout.

  • Self-service reporting is now GA.

  • Added a new bulk Delete option on the Proof page. You can filter by date range to find, select, and delete proof in bulk.

  • Added filter by date range options on the Filter pane for system-provided date fields.

  • Added email notifications to access reviews to let reviewers and sysadmins know when to review and update user access records.

  • Added a Hypersync and Automated Control Testing for Google Sheets.

  • Updated HypersyncJira - The Issue Details proof now includes Jira Activity history.

  • Added the proof property isPrivate to the public proof API.

  • Updated the following programs:

    • PCI DSS 4.0 - new version with more granular illustrative controls.

    • Microsoft SSPA DRP version 9.1 is now available and can be updated using the Framework Update feature.


Full release notes: Release Notes - 2024-JUN-06

  • Added an Activity Feed to the People page that tracks changes to users, and allows comments and @mentions.

  • Added an option to the Proof page to bulk update privacy settings on proof.

  • Added date range filtering for proof based on the Uploaded on date. Options include specific date, between two dates (inclusive of the selected dates), before or on a specific date, after or on a specific date.

  • Added access review imports for 4 new applications via Hypersync: AWS, Azure Kubernetes, Jira Cloud, and KnowBe4.

  • Program health and the task template table for repeating tasks are now available in the data warehouse for Self-service reporting.

  • Enhanced email notifications with a more attractive template and consistent content including descriptions and due dates.

  • Updated evaluations to sort them in requirement order when displayed in requirement assessments.

  • Updated frameworks:

    • ISO 27018:2019 now includes illustrative controls as restatements of the requirements an updated crosswalk map.

    • NYDFS (2023 Amendments) has now been updated to include controls from the Secure Controls Framework (SCF) and now has an updated crosswalk map.


Full release notes: Release Notes - 2024-MAY-16

  • Evaluations -

    • Create an issue directly from an evaluation

    • Import issues with evaluations as the source or as an affected object

    • Select evaluations as a source or affected object when creating an issue through the Work items page

  • SPRS scoring for CMMC and NIST 800-171 frameworks is generally available and shows on all new and existing programs that use these frameworks.

  • Access reviews

    • Added imports for three new applications using the following Hypersyncs: Azure DevOps, GitHub, and Google Cloud Platform

    • Added the option to copy an access review when starting a new one. To copy, select the Start from previous access review option on the Create window. See Copying an access review for more information.

  • Scopes - Import controls with scopes from a CSV

  • Self-service reporting - Vendor Health, Risk, and Tolerance are now available in the data warehouse


Full release notes: Release Notes - 2024-APR-25

  • Help menu - Removed the Need Help? button from the user interface and consolidated access to help articles under the primary Help button.

  • Proof preview - Added a zoom option for PDFs and an option to expand the viewer to full screen.

  • Access reviews - Added support for Hypersyncs based on Finch-powered services adding 24 new applications to the list of supported apps.

  • Email notifications - Improved rich text formatting, added the name of the user who triggered the notification to the From addresses, and added due dates to the Subject lines.

  • ProofProof roles and permissions - Proof contributors can now edit proof names and upload new versions of proof.

  • ServiceNow task integration - Now available for all users!

  • Asana task integration - Now has an option to filter projects by team when creating a new task.


Full release notes: Release Notes - 2024-APR-04

  • Access reviews - Implemented automated directory and user access list import using Hypersyncs for Okta, Microsoft Entra ID, Google Workspace Platform.

  • SPRS scoring for the CMMC and NIST 800-171frameworks is in managed rollout.

  • Self-service reporting - Risk Health and Audit Health are now available in the data warehouse.

  • The Explore-by filter pane is now available in the Vendor dashboard.

  • You can now filter the program dashboard by scopes.

  • Added the ability to mark proof as private.

  • Hyperproof API - Added support to get proof from controls and labels.

  • Improved the Evaluation status widget on the Assessment dashboard to display all statuses without needing to scroll.

  • The new object Viewer role is now available as an option to select when bulk editing membership on controls and labels.


Full release notes: Release Notes - 2024-MAR-14

  • Custom logo in email notifications is generally available.

  • Added a Vendor dashboard to track Health Status, Risk Level, Outstanding Questionnaires, and Upcoming Renewals.

  • Import evaluations into an assessment is now available.

  • Self-service reporting is in managed rollout.

  • Added a Viewer object role to provide read-only access to Hyperproof objects.

  • Added a Risk API.


Full release notes: Release Notes - 2024-FEB-22

  • Limited Access User role that only displays the objects where the user is specifically granted access via the object Facepiles.

  • Custom logo in email notifications is in managed rollout.

  • Single sign-on in Hyperproof now supports the configuration of multiple identity providers (IDP), such as Okta, Microsoft Entra ID (formerly Azure AD), or JumpCloud, for one email domain.

  • When adding a custom field, you can now add up to 500 values for single-select or multiple-select field types.

  • Exporting proof calculates and displays the size of the proof selected up to a maximum of 1.5 GB. When that maximum is reached, you must start a new export.


Full release notes: Release notes - 2024-FEB-01

  • System use notification to display at every log-in or after a specified number of days.

  • Requirement assessments display the full requirement text as a default field.

  • ServiceNow Task integration is now in managed rollout. 

  • Updated Hypersync: JumpCloud. Added proof type: List of Activity Logs.


Full release notes: Release notes - 2024-JAN-11

  • Support for changing targets on tasks and repeating tasks.

  • Support for self-service reporting (managed rollout)

  • Additional banners and status change buttons for access reviews.