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Access reviews


Access reviews is an additional module available for purchase.

An access review is a process where user access and permissions to applications used by an organization are reviewed and adjusted regularly, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually, to ensure that they are still appropriate. Access reviews are done to maintain good security practices and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information and systems.

The results of these reviews can be used as proof for many compliance standards. For example, if your employees have access to Salesforce, you may need to review each person's Salesforce access periodically to ensure they have the appropriate permissions and for your organization to be in compliance.

Using Hyperproof access reviews speeds up the process and reduces the time to completion by allowing you to do the following:

  • Add a company directory of users and their job information to help reviewers assess each person's access.

  • Add user access lists for multiple applications including role, permission levels, and last login.

  • Generate a matrix of user access per application with each user account matched to a person in the company directory.

  • Split the access review matrix into tasks assigned to reviewers.

  • Collate adjustments requested by the reviewers into tasks for each application owner.

  • Generate proof for an audit.