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Hypersync overview

Hypersyncs automate the evidence collection process, saving your team the hassle of manually collecting and organizing evidence. Save time and avoid nagging people for information by ensuring that your data comes directly from your preferred external app.


For more information, see the Control automation video at the bottom of the page.

Example scenario

Luna B. Technologies needs to provide evidence that there is a code review process before they deploy new code into production. Rather than taking screenshots of all the commit details of what happens each time the company deploys code, Luna B. Technologies can automate the evidence collection process with Hypersyncs.

To satisfy control 1, the organization needs to provide a list of its members. The organization creates a Hypersync between GitHub and Hyperproof. This Hypersync generates proof fetched from GitHub in the form of a list of organization members.

For control 2, Luna B. Technologies needs to provide proof that shows all of their pull requests in GitHub need approval before they are pushed. To satisfy this control, the organization creates another Hypersync. This Hypersync generates a different service type of proof from GitHub showing approval details for all pull requests.

Luna B. Technologies continues to create Hypersyncs for each control that requires proof stored in GitHub. Additionally, the organization takes advantage of Hyperproof’s automated testing feature to ensure that their controls are effective.

Proof verification

Hyperproof supports automated verification of the proof collected by a Hypersync. If something unexpected comes back, Hyperproof notifies the user. The structured format of proof created by Hypersyncs makes it simple to automate the control testing process.

Just like Hypersyncs remove the hassle of manually collecting evidence, automated control testing (ACT) takes the daunting task of manually testing every control in your organization and turns it into a well-ordered process where the majority of the work is done by Hyperproof.

Control automation

Watch this short video to learn more about using Hypersyncs to automate collecting proof.