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Communicating via the Activity Feed

Roles and permissions

  • Administrators, compliance managers, and users can view activity and leave comments in any Activity Feed associated with an object or module where they're a member

In the Activity Feed, users can leave comments for one another via ‘@mentions’, or simply view the latest activity in a program or on a particular object. All messages are time and date-stamped.

You’ll find many Activity Feeds throughout Hyperproof. They are specific to the object you’re viewing. For example, if you click the Activity Feed icon while in a control, you’ll only see activity relevant to that control. This means you won’t see activity that’s taking place in an audit, for example. To view that activity, you need to open the audit, and click the Activity Feed icon.

Activity Feeds can be found on: programs, audits, assessments, controls, risks, labels, vendors, questionnaires, and the people page where users are managed.


For more information, see the Activity Feed video at the bottom of the page.

To communicate via the Activity Feed:

  1. From the left menu, select the tab that corresponds with the object you want to discuss. For example, if you want to discuss or view activity on a particular control, select the Controls tab.

  2. Select the specific object. For example, if you want to discuss or view activity related to control ID 1234, select that control.

  3. Click the Activity Feed icon.


Activity Feed video

Watch this short video to learn more about the Activity Feed.