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Turning on program health

Roles and permissions

The following roles can turn on program health:

  • Administrators

  • Compliance managers

  • Users

Your program’s health is based on the health of its controls—if your controls are healthy, your program is healthy.

To populate the health snapshot for your program, you must change the status of your program from Defining to Operating.


If your program’s status is not set to Operating, health on objects such as controls will not be calculated.


For more information, see the Health video at the bottom of the page.

How to change a program's health status

  1. From the left menu, select Programs.

  2. Select your program.

  3. Select the Details tab, and then change the status to Operating.


    At any time, you can view a health snapshot of your program from the Details tab. You can also view your program health from the Program dashboard.



Hyperproof has three health levels—Critical, At Risk, and Healthy— and comes with default health settings that work for most organizations. If you find that these settings don’t suit the needs of your organization, an administrator can customize them via Settings > Health. Note that access to health settings is only available to administrators.

Health video

Watch this short video to learn more about program and control health.