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Jumpstart feature overview

Hyperproof's jumpstart feature helps you determine which program you should start next. By leveraging existing content in your organization, jumpstarts help get you from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible.

The jumpstart percentage helps organizations understand what percent of a program is already covered by their existing requirements and controls.

Example scenario

Your organization already implemented both SOC 2 and ISO 27001, and you’re considering implementing ISO 27701:2019. The jumpstart algorithm estimates how close you are to standing up ISO 27701:2019 using the existing controls in your other programs, based on related requirements.

Jumpstart percentages can be found by selecting Programs from the left menu, and then clicking New. When the Start a new program window opens, scroll through the list of templates to find the jumpstart percentage for a particular program.



Jumpstart percentages will only be shown for programs that can leverage your organization’s existing controls.