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Working with custom fields

Roles and permissions

  • Only administrators can create, edit, and remove a custom field

Because Hyperproof adapts to your organization's preferred workflows and procedures, custom fields allow you to track anything you want on your controls and/or risks.

Custom fields are available on controls, evaluations, organizations, labels, requests, requirements, risks, vendors, tasks, issues, and scopes. They can be made required or optional, depending on your organization's needs.

Types of custom fields

  • Single select - A drop-down list of values; only one value can be selected

  • Multiple select - A drop-down list of values; multiple values can be selected

  • Date picker - Calendar where a user can select a date; the date can also be entered manually

  • Multi-line text field - An open text area

  • User picker - A drop-down list of users in the organization; only one value can be selected

  • Number field - Number field that supports either decimal or percentage formatting

Example use case

An organization may use custom fields to measure their level of risk in certain areas. The organization might label the fields as Financially serious and Not financially serious.

In a meeting with stakeholders, a Hyperproof user can filter the dashboard by showing only those risks deemed to be financially serious. They can then click into related controls to show how risks can be mitigated.

Risk custom fields video

Watch this short video to learn more about using custom fields on risks.