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Hyperproof supports both control and requirement assessments.

Assessments help you review, evaluate, and improve controls or requirements across your organization. Some common compliance frameworks that encourage control-based assessments are NIST and SOC 2.

Controls and requirements can be audited for attributes such as design, language, effectiveness, and reliability. When your organization’s controls and requirements are sufficient, internal DRL-based audits run much smoother because a bulk of the work is already done.

Many organizations perform assessments for the following reasons:

  1. Early detection - Routinely checking your controls and requirements for exceptions lets you find them more quickly.

  2. Continuous improvement - Looking critically at your controls and requirements is the best way to ensure you’re not wasting resources.

  3. Minimize risks - Timely finding of exceptions and non-functional controls and requirements minimize risk exposure.

  4. Audit preparation - If you find and fix issues with your controls and requirements, there will be fewer for your auditor to report.


For more details, watch our Assessments tutorials.