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Bulk edit user membership for an object

If you need to modify direct user access to specific sets of objects, such as controls, you can bulk add, remove, or update users' access from the grid view of the following objects:

  • Controls

  • Labels

  • Proof

  1. From the left menu, select the tab that corresponds to the object where you want to edit the list of members, such as Controls.

  2. Select Grid view if it is not already selected.

  3. Select the checkboxes for individual objects where you want to edit membership.

  4. Click the Members link at the top of the grid.

    The Edit direct members window opens.

  5. For each user that you want to make a member of the selected objects, select the checkbox for the correct object role next to their names. See Object roles and permissions for more information.

    • A square in the checkbox indicates that the user has object permissions for some of the selected objects. You can modify the setting by clicking the checkbox to make it a checkmark indicating that the user will be added to the selected objects and assigned the selected role for all of the selected objects.

    • Clearing a checkbox removes the user from the selected objects.

    • Adding a checkmark to a checkbox adds the user to the selected objects with the object role you chose.

    • If a checkbox left as is, no changes are made to the selected objects.

  6. Click the Review button.

    The Review and confirm window displays with a list of your changes.

  7. Click the Confirm button to confirm your changes.