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Automated control testing

To test a control or label, you must have a Hypersync linked to the control or label. A Hypersync is Hyperproof’s way of automatically gathering your evidence for you, and can be linked to any control or label in your organization.

Let’s say your company uses GitHub to manage its software release cycle. You can set up a Hypersync to connect to GitHub that automatically collects Commit Details. Once the Hypersync is established, you’ll set up a test that runs on that same control or label. The test runs each time a new piece of evidence is added, or a new version of existing evidence is updated.

A note about automated testing on labels

It’s important to note that the results of a test on a label affect all controls linked to the label. For example, if you have a label that is linked to five controls, and you run a test on that label, the testing status and health status of all five controls are determined by the results of the test. So if the test passes, all five controls are considered effective and healthy.

If a label fails, you need to manually change the health status of each control associated with the label to Testing: Calculated.

Additionally, you can set the testing status of a control to Calculated in order to view the effects of failed label tests.