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Vendor Register overview


The Vendor Register is an additional module available for purchase.

Hyperproof's Vendor Register allows you to maintain a central source of truth of your third-party vendors, as well as assess their risk profile and potential impact with automated assessments.

Working with the Vendor Register

The Vendor Register offers a smooth experience for users when it comes to managing and tracking their vendors and questionnaires. From the Vendor Register, you can link objects—like controls and risks—to vendors, host contracts, assess a vendor's risk level, and create and manage questionnaires.

Working with questionnaires

Questionnaires are a series of questions used to help your organization evaluate its vendors. What questions appear in the questionnaire depends on your organization's end goal, e.g. determining how a vendor handles infrastructure security.

Hyperproof supports both the creation and management of questionnaires. If your organization has existing questionnaires, they can be imported into Hyperproof via CSV. Both imported and Hyperproof-created questionnaires can be edited and sent directly from Hyperproof.