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Creating your own program

Roles and permissions

The following roles can create a custom program:

  • Administrators

  • Compliance managers

Hyperproof provides a growing library of ready-to-use program templates for a variety of regulatory and industry standards. If, however, you have a set of requirements not covered in the library—such as an internal compliance program, a program you run for your customers or vendors, or just a differently structured compliance standard—you can create your own custom program.

To create a custom program, you'll need a CSV file (using the format required by Hyperproof) with your custom requirements. When your CSV is ready, you'll import it into Hyperproof. Once it’s imported, you can add controls and manage it just as you would any other Hyperproof program.


A custom program can have up to 4 sections: a main section and 3 subsections.

The easiest way to start is by downloading Hyperproof’s example custom program CSV.

Step One: Downloading the example CSV

  1. From the left menu, select Programs.

  2. Click New.

    The Start a new program window opens.

  3. Select Add new program.

    The Upload requirements window opens.

  4. Click Download the example CSV.


Step Two: Editing the CSV

Now that you’ve downloaded the example CSV, replace the contents of the file with your own requirements. Be sure to follow the format of the example file, as well as the instructions on the page, to make sure that your custom program can be successfully imported.

Helpful tips

  • Create a row for each requirement in your program.

  • When constructing a custom program in the CSV template, start with the lowest order of the hierarchy in mind to help you decide how many sections you will need. Section 1 is required to populate, the remaining sections are not.

  • Make sure to create unique requirement IDs. Duplicate IDs will show as errors before importing and will either need to be remediated or excluded.

  • If you are grouping multiple requirements under the same section, e.g. Section 1, make sure to create a new row with the same section name for the next requirement. Multiple requirements under the same section should be listed together.

  • Hyperproof CSV template headers are case sensitive; ensure that the downloaded format is the same as the imported format.


Let’s say you have a simple program that consists of three main parts, where Part 2 has a couple of nested levels and Part 3 has three levels with requirements on each level.


To successfully create this program, your CSV should look like:


Step Three: Importing the CSV

After you’ve made the necessary changes to the CSV, it can be imported into Hyperproof.

  1. Drag and drop the CSV file into the Upload CSV File field, or click Select file to upload to upload it manually.

  2. Click Import.

    Hyperproof checks the format within the CSV file to ensure that there are no errors. An alert is generated if Hyperproof encounters any errors.

  3. If Hyperproof didn’t detect any errors, click Next. If Hyperproof detected errors, do one or both of the following:

    1. Correct the errors by double-clicking the cell that contains the highlighted error and correct the value.

    2. Remove rows that contain errors by clicking Remove all rows with errors.

  4. Click Next.

    The New program details window opens.

  5. Enter a name for the program and, optionally, a description.

  6. Click Create program.

    The CSV is imported and the program is created.